Monday, July 7, 2008

Only 2 Races!?

For the 29th of June, I trouped up to the beautiful Mont Tremblant/St Jovite area of Quebec for the Sommet des Legendes meeting at Le Circuit. Unfortunately, cancellation of the vintage racing component of this meeting meant that there were only two races on the program - the Cooper Tires Presents The Formula Atlantic Championship Powered by Mazda and a Mt Tremblant Challenge for sports cars.

I'm just glad I knew this before leaving and that I only went up for the Sunday! Otherwise, I might have been a tad upset at having made the journey for such a limited format. However, I must say that the racing in the Formula Atlantics definitely made the trip worthwhile. Besides, they're such groovy little cars.

(Click images to see full 800px wide version)

Race Results:
1. Junior Strous
2. Markus Niemela
3. Carl Skerlong

Race winner, Junior Strous:

As for the Mont Tremblant circuit, it's one of those that unfortunately has become badly disfigured with chainlink fencing everywhere. Hell to shoot at, but still managed to find some nice spots. However, there were almost no crowds present and it was a beautiful, just beautiful day, so I had fun. More pictures at


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