Thursday, May 29, 2008

And Awaaayyyyy We Go...

Was planning on going to Calabogie for the Canadian Superbikes both Saturday and Sunday, but unfortunately I got the world's worst headcold. Managed to make it Saturday, but felt like death warmed up by the time I got home so had to bail on going Sunday. As they say in the classics, Bugger!

So after shooting on Saturday and being too sick to attend the racing on Sunday, I decided to try this blogging thing out.

Anyway, while the track itself looks very nice, there is almost no access for spectators. Originally, it was built as a trackday track and there's basically no facilities whatsoever for spectators. All you can see is about 4 corners from this monstrously high berm designed to reduce neighbourhood noise complaints. Means it is very, very difficult to get any variation in shots.

The images are now processed and can be seen in all their glory, or otherwise, here (clicky) I have to say that I'm reasonably pleased with the way they turned out. Here's another one, just for the fun of it:

My aim this summer is to shoot as much sport, particularly car and bike racing, as the day job allows.